Monday 25 June 2018


This Can’t Be Sydney In Winter, Surely?

No, it is not; it is more than a day’s travel away. This teeny tiny beach is on the southern tip of the Cycladic island, Antiparos. It is Sunday, after a week of  hard labouring with my oldest friend, L.

“???”, you might ask.

Well, Archaeology Is Destruction, says our dig director, Yannos Kourayos, on the archaeological site of Mandra on the island of Despotiko. (Population: 1. Goat population: 1000)

Despotiko In The Distance

Yes, Pipistrello has flown to warmer climes for a few weeks to volunteer her able body alongside L, fulfilling two of L’s bucket list items, viz., finally getting to work on a dig after completing her Archaeology degree, ahem, 30 years ago and going on a girls’ holiday with, ahem, moi. While the menfolk are back in Australia toiling, we are collecting bruises (and more shapely arms) whilst wielding pick axes, hand picks, shovels, hoes, scrapers, dentistry tools and wheelbarrows in the blazing sun for seven hours a day.

Madness? No. Friendship!

More news as it comes to hand...

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