Sunday 21 February 2021

On This Day ... Almost

View into the Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains

Last weekend the Pipistrellos took the train into the mountains to stay a night with our friends, the Good Doctors. A lovely time was had, bien sûr, poking about and rejoicing in their inspired choice of new holiday home in Wentworth Falls, as they are indeed in being also neighbours in the condominio wherein we roost. 

When the atmospheric mist had lifted, there was a cliff-edge photo opportunity during our Sunday walk, where my natural tendency to alarm at these vertiginous spots seemed to be distracted by keeping an eye on the horizon, and look, Dear Reader, I'm even touching the railing!

Summertime dressing in Wentworth Falls!

I was surprised to discover, upon our return, that it was on this same day in 1954, (well, almost, just two days off), that dear ERII also partook of a mandatory photographic opportunity at the nearby Echo Point lookout whilst on her Commonwealth Royal Tour. All Hail, Elizabeth the Queen:

There was a little more fanfare to her visit, and she even had her own train shepherd her through the mountains, where we were obliged to use a more Public kind of Transport.

ERII departing in personalised style at Leura Station

We did also espy rather a lot of active wear on the persons who were perambulating with us around various lookouts and walking tracks. It seems to be the National Uniform now, around these parts. Not so, 67 years ago. If you were going to gulp in a bit of fresh mountain air then, it was worth dressing up for!

Wigs, chains-of-office and pocket squares, essential!

Image credits: 1, 2: Flying With Hands; 3: Getty Images; 4: NSW State Archives via Flickr; 5: Wikimedia Commons

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