Thursday 17 September 2020

Queen Bees or Queen BFFs?

It may be an unfashionable admission, Dear Reader, but I have a short list of Glamorous Royal Ladies that will always catch my eye when I see them in the press. Two of them are seen regularly together, Queen Mathilde of The Belgians and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands. Their outfits are always so well-coordinated and complementary in colour, I have a rather strong suspicion they get on the phone to one another to discuss Outfits, Hair & Hats ahead of their catch-ups. Not to mention weather reports.

"Picture hat?", "Velvet today?", "Business neutrals?", "Pink!!", "Bows!!", "Jackie O!!", "Safari!!", &c.


If these Queens aren't Queen BFFs, then I'll eat my hat.

Image credits: 1: Rijksmuseum; 2-12: via Getty Images 


  1. OMG what a fabulous set of photos of these two beautiful royal Queens! I had no idea they were such good friends - and I love your last sentence - I have a good hat collection so will eat mine along with you, lol!!! Just wish I could still totter about on those high heels too!

    Being English, I sometimes forget 'my truly amazing Queen' for most of my life (I was 9 when her reign began and I'm almost 77 now!) is not the only one but is usually the Queen I follow and am familiar with!
    God bless all the beautiful Queens - long may they be with us.

    Hugs - Mary

  2. Fantastic! Love This article! Love their pizazz and the stunning texture and tones of the fabric they wear. No Zara or dressing down here.

  3. Or will you eat your 'hoed'? ;)

  4. Mary: Stop it right now! 77?? I'd never guessed. Yes, ERII is Queen of the Queen Bees, alright, but given that she's been reigning long enough to live through some shocking fashion periods, there are some looks that are best kept off the tribute pages, haha! I imagine the Low Countries naturally stick together and these Queens are both such accomplished and stylish women that they'd have to gravitate to one another. I understand they speak several languages each so there's plenty of opportunity to find fun with one another, in whatever language they choose! x

    VVC: Absolutely no dressing down for these Queens! And when they bring out their Big Guns jewels for the gala events, look out! They both seem to love colour and print and texture and can get pretty wild with their hats, which I love! They're fortunate to have some fabulous Low Country designers to champion - Natan and Jan Taminiau spring to mind. And I've seen pics of Mathilde wearing masks to match her frocks lately - not one to let a good fashion opportunity slip by!

    Bea: Hahah!!

  5. They are so similar, it's difficult to tell them apart. I rather like the UK's discreet Sophie, it's a shame that she didn't tutor Meghan.

  6. Cro: Sophie is the UK rep on My List! Her jewellery doesn't have the pizzaz of these Queens so I'm not wanting to run her down for it but her hats and dress sense are absolutely killer. She seems like she'd be a charming person as well.

  7. So I have a Mathilde story. Some years ago, when she was a new princess, I got a work-related invite to the palace to a big meet and greet (obviously they weren't picky about who came). I was so excited, but also nervous--would I know anybody? I had become used to running into colleagues and acquaintances in unlikely places--on the street in Manhattan, in line at the opera in Rome, on the Underground in London, on a plane in Bangkok. After all, I'd lived in Belgium for six years, plus it was an international crowd, so...
    At some point, I spied a woman I recognized. As I moved toward her to finally talk to a friendly face, I wracked my brain for her name and where I knew her from. London? Then I saw two enormous bodyguards form a block and I realized I knew her only from the newsstands--it was Mathilde. I turned on my heels and sought the company of another glass of champagne.

  8. ToF: Oh, so close! I rather imagine she'd have been delighted to have someone new and friendly to talk to and rather rued the overzealous protections of the bodyguards. Such a great story! Brussels and the international crowd must have made the world seem rather small at times. While it cannot match the glamour of a palace champagne reception, I too have uttered a familiar Hullo! as I pass an acquaintance in the street, and realise too late it's someone off the telly.

  9. I always wear formal hats at weddings, funerals, synagogue sabbaths and holy days, but mine were a bit ordinary. Then I saw and bought the big hats made of fine straw and silk decoration that you have shown on Queen Mathilde and Queen Maxima in the seventh photo. Stunning!

  10. Hels: I have a bit of a hat selection myself, none formal but some rather dramatic, but haven't been to a do in years which may require one to be worn so I just wear them out and about most days. I have fun with mine - and they're great for a bad hair day!

  11. They definitely talk prior and even GSL couldn't improve upon their outcomes. UK's Fergie looks to be from a distant poor cousin line with atavistic regression due to centuries of housemaid's knee.

  12. GSL: Oh, poor Fergie, I do forget she's more likely to be in the US Presses more than any of the Regal Ladies with which the Commonwealth may feast their eyes. And I understand you may even get to hear her speak - infomercials, I believe? Queens M&M are a Master Class in polish.


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