Sunday 1 January 2023

Basket Of Cherries

Basket of Cherries
Félix Valloton, 1921

What's been happening lately? Well you might ask, Dear Reader, for there's been scant enough peeking behind the scenes of these pages ... for no good reason. Let us start the New Year with better intentions and pick through this basket of cherries while they're still in season.

'Tis still the season

For lychees, too

R.I.P. Vivienne Westwood

2.5m of rain this past year

Positively tropical

Art Gallery of New South Wales new wing for
 Indigenous & Modern Art

So plenty o' space for critters like these!

But not so much traditional hanging space.
A touch international airport, perhaps?

Fab revamped Members Lounge with the same vibe

New forecourt for old wing

Happily packed in traditional style

Jacaranda still hanging on

Trotted off to the Museum

To see some of their Natural History Rare Books

Treasures by the likes of Gould & Audubon


& Merian

Something old

Something new

& nap time at the Zoo

Image credits: 1: Wikimedia Commons; all else: Flying With Hands


  1. The Art Gallery of NSW’s new wing was looking for a new Indigenous name over the last few months. Do you know what name they selected?

    I realise the gallery’s exhibition space expanded, with rooftop art terraces, and a column-free gallery. But I will miss the sandstone facade. However my husband,
    who lived in Sydney for his school and university years, believes the new wing will be outstanding.

    1. Dear Hels, I don't think a new name has been settled. No doubt something will come. The old sandstone wing still stands in all its glory as the new wing is detached and underneath. It's rather amazing architecture and is well designed for installations, (and what seems like commercial entertaining spaces), but acres of glass do make it seem a less practical gallery to me. There will be heaps of space for the indigenous collection which appears will be rotated for display as there's a bit of a minimal vibe happening at the moment. You should come up to Sydney for a little look-see one day!

  2. What wonderful images Pip ..... that fountain is beautiful as are you in your fabulous VW dress. You look amazing ..... you must have been the belle of the ball. I've never had a VW piece which is odd as I love her fashion and they are so me. But, there's still time .... just !
    I shouldn't think you've had time to read my reply to your comment on my blog so I just wanted to tell you that the new series of Marie Antoinette is on BBC. We've only had one episode so far. I'm sure you will be able to get it soon if not straight away. It's filmed at Versailles so is visually beautiful. Happy, happy New Year to you and yours and I look forward to another year of blogging friendship. Much love. XXXX

    1. Dear Jackie, you are too kind and that is the magic of the VW frock, so flattering for the, ahem, mature lady. Lucky, too, that it fits after ten years! Go forth and seek for yourself, my stylish friend, an (almost) vintage piece while they're still about :)

      Thank you for the tip about "Marie Antoinette", for I shall keep on the lookout. The old "Versailles" was so lush, if even a tad ludicrous at times, and I also loved the rather polarising Sofia Coppola "MA". Costumes! Sets! Does it for me every time, hahah! xx

  3. And here's a basket of good wishes for the next 365 days to come.

    1. (Taking an educated guess,) I thank you kindly, dear (anonymously) Sean!

  4. Grrrr ... indeed, me it was.
    By the way, you're looking younger than ever, Signora Pipistrello. Younger than ever.

    1. Like the power of the Hollywood Vaseline lens, there's nothing to take the years off like a tinted and foxed mirror!

    2. Ha! No excuses!
      And now for something completely different: Would you be so kind and send me via e-mail the skeletons of Don Quixote and Rosinante in a slightly higher resolution? [Why does suddenly DonQuiScottie gallop along my mind's horizon?]

    3. Ha, feel yourself enthusiastically hugged and kissed, Signora Pipistrello. Thank you very much.

  5. I particularly liked the horse and rider; what a good idea. Happy new year Pip. Cro xx

    1. Isn't it great? So Victorian and probably unlikely to be recreated in the modern world. Happy New Year to you, too, dear Cro. xx

  6. Dear Pip - I love that you have a VWdress - it looks perfection on you. What I loved about VW herself was that even as she grew old she kept reinventing herself - adding even more lines to her face rather than trying to rid herself of them. What a unique character who was true to herself throughout her whole life.
    So many interesting images here but I am loving that basket of cherries.

    1. Dear Rosemary, I do rather like Valloton's still lifes - so approachable, in a sense ... Have you seen the VW documentary from a few years ago? "Punk, Icon, Activist". It's so worth watching if you haven't. Even if one had no interest in fashion or her clothes in particular, her spirit and evolving creativity and vision make her such an interesting character for the screen.

    2. I have made a note to find it - thanks PipX


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