Friday 9 March 2018

Citrus Tidings

A lemon tree of one's own is a luxury ... I realise this now that I don't have one.

Those heady days of plucking one from a surprisingly abundant one metre-square Meyer lemon tree are long gone, so when Harry's Farm had a netted bag of 10 for $7 recently, I did what any penny-watching urbanite did and took a bag home to see how far it could be stretched.

Freezing the juice was obvious and easy. Paring the scrubbed skin for bagging up in the freezer was also easy. What to do with the pithy shells? Peregrinations along the by-ways of the world wide web led me to a simple recipe for lemon syrup.

I popped the lemon trimmings and shells into a bowl with a few palm sugar discs I had languishing in the pantry, covered it with cling film and let the sugar work its magic on the kitchen bench overnight. The next morning I squeezed as much as I could from the soggy lemons and strained the syrup into a little glass bottle and lo! a very refreshing lemon cordial, reminiscent of old-fashioned bitter lemon.


  1. Having tried the lemon syrup I can say it's delicious!

  2. How many more steps to lemoncello I wonder?

    1. There's an idea. I must check. I somehow expect that just tipping in some vodka won't be enough for a sophisticated result!

      Thank you for stopping by.


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