Thursday 15 March 2018

Zero Sum Game

Large Magellanic Cloud
Putting aside the rather tricky question of the the shape and size of the universe, and whether it is expanding or contracting, it is mostly to be agreed that there is a finite amount of matter and energy in the universe. I like to think that even in our infinitesimally small corner of it, we operate in a closed system and matter doesn't go away, it's just transformed.

I also like to have My Theories confirmed by the wider community, as I lean toward the Rather Opinionated end of the spectrum, so it was with great interest that I read today what I already suspected to be true about what happens to our extra kilograms when we lose weight. It seems the metamorphoses are carbon dioxide and water, in the main, and it's your breath, sweat and pee that whisk it all away.

Taking this a step further, as is my want, My Theory that there is a finite amount of fat in the world and thus for every kilo gained or lost, someone else has to balance the scales, has been confirmed. I'm sure I can demonstrate with a sheet of cardboard and some coloured arrows and fancy lettering how the Carbon Cycle and Water Cycle can turn one man's carbon dioxide and water into the shortbread biscuits that will ultimately settle around his wife's thighs.

Science is a doddle!

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