Monday 2 April 2018

Hot Cross Buns and More

To start the day

This Easter saw a bit of yeast action in the form of Hot Cross Buns. The crosses betray a hand that cannot ice neatly but no one really noticed. The requisite fruity bits came courtesy of a pantry rummage, so their unique assortment made the delicious flavour all my own devising: Persian barberries, crystallised ginger and dates. I baulked at the suggestion of nearly 200g of fruit and used half that amount but next time will go a bit mad and use a heavier hand.

A small gathering of the Pipistrello colony for Sunday dinner was held at my Brother's city apartment where we beheld March's blue moon still impressing for April Fool's. The colour, of course, was far from blue and indeed was an even deeper orange when it rose.

A bit fuzzy but not bad for just zooming with the camera
We then proceeded to have a bit of a feast: home-made spring rolls, sticky ribs, Asian greens and rice.

These are called Snacks around at my Brother's place
It was entirely unnecessary but we did finish with a sliver each of this baked beauty:

Baked cheesecake gratefully lifted from
Faux Fuchsia
As I say, entirely unnecessary.


  1. John Gray of going gently fame bought me glad he did :)

    1. Hello and welcome to my little world, adrienne! Thank you for your kind words and I do hope you come by again.


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