Saturday 28 November 2020

Colour Me Purple, November

Spring is nearly done and I've not yet done a Jacaranda Tribute, so cast your eye upon the purple glory we have been revelling in, Dear Reader.

Here's a few Beauty Shots to get you in the picture: 

The first is one I'd actually taken last year for my now defunct Instagram page and it was too pretty to consign to the dustbin so it gets to live again on Ye Olde Blog. Consider the scene this month outside these nearby apartments as Ditto.

Just next door to Elizabeth Bay House is this rich purple specimen. And yes, that is a New York City Flatiron-inspired apartment building.

The lime-green robinias are also in leaf right now, making a great colour foil for the jacarandas.

These are all local photos as the purpled perambulations have been closer to home this year.

This is a rather chic conversion of a decades-old panel-beating workshop that recently materialised. Therein Creatives are transforming our culture and enriching our lives with joy, apparently. (These phrases do come from their website). All mysterious nonsense to me and I'm definitely now in the Old Camp when I can't understand what modern jobs entail. Panel-beating I understood; Bridging "the gap between brands, people and potential" I do not. 

Anyhoo, with that touch of modernity, here are a few photos to keep it real:

Bins! And a sofa on the footpath which I presumed to be dumped but the yellow (bin-matching) van is a removalist's, so someone was just on the move.

The petal litter that the street sweepers cannot scoop up as they drive around, so a game must be played where someone in the street finally has to blink and bring the broom outdoors.

Car bonnet where the beauteous blossoms are taking their toll.

This little lane in Paddington is known as a Dunny Lane - dunny being a charming vernacular term for toilet. In past times, the night soil men and garbage collectors would reign supreme. These days, indoor plumbing and garages for cars have replaced the outhouses, and the laneway is better known by the universally recognised term Rat Run. Jacaranda blooms improve the tone no end.

The jacarandas are past their best now but the colour baton has passed to the agapanthus. These are called blue but I don't care, they're identical to the colour of the jacarandas, as far as I can see, so will always be purple to me.

Generous clumping of agapanthus under blooming magnolias. Cunningly kept from the left of frame are the bin chickens (a.k.a. Australian white ibis), raiding the dozen over-flowing garbage bins from the backpackers hostel and cafés thriving behind this verdancy. Keeping it real, within reason.

Photo credits: Flying With Hands


  1. Oh, the jacaranda, how fabulous! I'm green with envy. My world today is grey, a damp thick mist over everything,so your photos are very spirit-lifting.

  2. Rosemary: Happy to oblige with a bit of spirit-lifting!

  3. The nearest that we have to your exquisite purple Jacaranda trees are fields of Lavender.
    A couple of years ago I visited S.Africa during Jacaranda flowering time and was delighted to see the clouds of purple Jacaranda flowers framing so many of the streets in Pretoria.

  4. Rosemary: What a sight it would have been! I've not been to South Africa but I believe it to be very beautiful. The first time we flew into Buenos Aires was during their Jacaranda Season. I think it's the only time I've seen a purpled city from the air.

  5. We put a linen table cloth on the dining table only for Friday dinner and Saturday lunch. Ditto polished silver ware and good quality glassware. And I always add long stemmed flowers like daisies.

    But imagine one section of the jacaranda. As long as the flowers don't collapse onto the table, the colour and the shape of the flowers would look fantastic.

  6. I have a friend in Johannesburg who always sends me a photo of the Jacarandas in flower. They really are the most spectacular trees.

  7. Such lovely mauve and purple colors, things I do not see anymore particularly at this time of the year in the desert.

  8. Hels: This sound a very civilised practice and I will always applaud the daily/weekly use of Best. All the Lovely Stuffs are put to use around here for the most pedestrian of occasions, for what is the point of having them? Flower arranging, on the other hand, I am only filled with envy. Plonk and vase are two words which will always share a sentence when contemplating my toils in that Department. The Jacaranda panicles would possibly fall everywhere at the merest trembling of the tableware, but the purple carpet is what adds to their street beauty, so roll with it.

    Cro: In normal times, the purple streetscapes have become drawcards for busloads of (Asian) tourists, posing and snapping away like this is Cherry Blossom Season in Japan. Some resident curmudgeons have proposed cutting them down because of the nuisance which accompanies such joyful hijinks-ing. No tourists this year but replaced with young (mostly Asian) wedding parties having their professional pix taken.

    Ur-spo: Hello and welcome to these pages! Desert-scapes have their own particular palette with which to charm, fortunately, but I'm glad to have obliged you with a fleeting purple interlude today.


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